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Workshop NATTE KALK Artisan. per persoon

Practische toepassing en eigenschappen en mortel samenstelling voor verschillend gebruik.

Workshop NATTE KALK Artisan.  per persoon


10:00   10:30  History introduction and characteristics of lime, sands and pigments 
10:30    11:30  Getting started:   
•  Substrate mix 
•  Proportions and application 
•  Preparing the base of your own sample 
11:30    12:30  Getting in touch with the pigments: 
•  Proportions of pigments in the lime 
•  How to archive colours 
•  Mixing your own colour 
12:30    13:00  Lunch 
13:00    16:00  Preparation of  the samples 
•  Mix proportions 
•  Troweled mortars, mixes and aplicationt techniques 
•  Layers application 
•  Polish and finsihing touches 
•  Waterproofing 

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